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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


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Jesse Jenkins

As a constituent of House District 42, I strongly support Jules Kopel-Bailey in his bid for the Oregon Legislature. Jules keenly understands that climate change is the greatest challenge facing us today. Equally important, he understands that solving it, will be our greatest opportunity!

Oregon needs someone with Jules' vision and innovative spirit in the Legislature, someone who will work to make Oregon a leader in the fight to end the climate crisis, and build a sustainable, just, and prosperous future for all.


Jesse Jenkins
Resident of Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood, SE Portland

Mac Prichard

I also live in House District 42, and I'm very excited about Jules' candidacy for state representative.

I've known Jules for more than five years through his work for Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. Jules is one of the brightest people I know. He has terrific ideas and also has the savvy and the street smarts to make them happen.

Jules will do a terrific job in the state legislature for Oregon's environment!

Mac Prichard
Hawthorne Neighborhood
Southeast Portland

Kelly Whitty

I have known Jules for nearly five years, since our mutual involvement in a national campaign in the last election cycle. The longer our association, the more impressed I became with Jules and his commitment to the environment and numerous other progressive issues. I told him at the time, and meant it, that if he ever ran for elective office that I would support him to the ends of the earth, and now here we are.

Jules is brilliant, inspiring, impassioned, experienced, committed, principled, ethical and personable. Summing up Jules in a string of adjectives offers a mere shadow of the man himself; however, once we see him in the House of Representatives, his manifestations of those adjectives will become quickly and thoroughly apparent to the fortunate citizens in both his District and throughout the entire state of Oregon.

Go Jules! Rah!

Kelly Whitty

Daniel Lerner

I've known Jules since high school, and he was even talking my ear off about conservation and sustainability back then! Anyway, I'm proud to be his friend, and I know he'll make a great legislator. Good choice OLCV!

-Dan Lerner

Bill Bradbury

I have known Jules since the day he was born in an Oregon hospital. I have worked with him on several of my campaigns. He is and will be an incredible leader on sustainable environmental projects and move us where we need to go. I look forward to his impact as an Oregon State Representative. -Bill Bradbury

Seth Truby

Halfway into my first meeting with Jules, I had to stop and tell him "You're my hero!".

Our paths crossed because of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Energy project, and Jules has stepped right up to the plate, sharing connections, resources, and advice from his diverse experience in policy, economics, and sustainable development.

I am impressed by his intelligence, conviction, and competence, but perhaps most by his comprehensive vision of the green society we can build with the human and natural resources available in our corner of the world.

I fully support his candidacy in Oregon House district 42 and expect this is just an early step in a long and distinguished career in public service.

Seth Truby
Sunnyside Resident, SE Portland

Ashley Henry

I have known Jules for several years---we met during the 2002 election cycle and have volunteered on various campaigns together ever since. It is rare to encounter someone as hard working, sincere, and disciplined as Jules----and all with the most upbeat attitude that is genuine. I consider it an honor to be his friend and am thrilled that he's running in the district where I live. It's not surprising to me that OLCV endorsed Jules---after all, he has demonstrated his commitment to conservation and sustainable development both through his political and community involvement as well as his educational pursuits. The legislature needs more people like Jules to bring optimism and big time brains to Salem.

Jenny Bedell-Stiles

Jules is the leader I want representing me in Salem. I hail from 41st and SE Yamhill and the most important issue to me is the climate crisis. As a member of the Cascade Climate Network, I really appreciate Jules' support and dedication to the issue of global warming. He even drove all the way down to Eugene last month to keynote at a conference where youth from all over Oregon and Washington (hardly any from his district) were gathering to discuss climate solutions. We need a leader that sincerely cares about this issue. Jules, you're our guy!

Bob Bailey

I know this makes me the old fart, but I've worked in Oregon for 35 years, principally in land use, coastal,and ocean protection, as well as a stint as a city commissioner. I've worked with five governors and more legislators than I care to remember, plus various Congressional members. I've worked with some really smart, passionate, and effective people who "Got It" and some who were able to "git 'er done." But it is very rare to find both in one person.

But I'm here to tell you, Jules will be a guy who Gets It and will Get it Done with passion, perseverance, and plain old hard work. And bring people with him because it isn't about him, its about us and our future.

Oregon is a terrific state. Every once in a while someone steps up to the plate who matches up to the potential of this great land of Oregon. Jules is that guy. And I'd say that even if he weren't my son!


I am very excited to be working for Jules and his campaign in the up coming primary. He is a great example of the kind of vision and leadership we need in Salem. Stay tuned to OLCV for more information on upcoming events for his campaign including phone banking and canvassing

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Way to go, Purcellville! I have a sister who moved there 4 years ago, and she was impressed with how "green conscious" this country town is. She also mentioned that the "powers that be" do a great job of educating the residents and providing community support for their programs.

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