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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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Barbara Halliday

Too bad about the sprained ankle, Molly, but you definitely made lemonade out of the mishap! Did you get up to Zumwalt Prairie during your time in the Wallowas? If not, do try to see it next time. It's known for its raptor population, but the wildflowers and other game animals are equally interesting.

I posted my trip experience on our website, in case you'd like to see some of what is waiting for you!


Best wishes from
Barbara H.


Molly Kraemer you are my hero! ps - did you cut your hair? way cute.

Sprained Ankle

What a beautiful place. I will put Wallowa Lake on my list of places to go on vacation. Thanks for the awesome pictures!

Lots in Guanacaste Costa Rica

We can feel a lot of things for our animals.I enjoyed the reading, thanks!

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I could experience the same. The place is so beautiful.

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