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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


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Dave Porter

Yes, wake up! Even if we do all that is possible in Oregon, or the US, if China does not change its course, we are lost. Note that the linked article is titled “What Will Cure China‘s Sulfurous Skies,” and describes China’s pollution problems. I have written legislators and blogged about this issue, urging educational engagement with China by teaching more of our students Mandarin and sending many more of them abroad to study in China. It is Oregon most important foreign policy and global warming issue. There is no solving the long term issue of global warming/ climate change without China. We can act. See my Daily Kos diary titled “China has three big reasons for jumping feet first into the carbon fight” here. Or my post “China and “The New International Energy Order” (here) on my own website. Or anything else on that weblog.

danny bloom

Problem is, we are in deep doo doo and human nature won't change. Until we hit the wall, our modern lifestyles will go on, cars, airplanes, etc....but it will stop one day. Maybe 500 years from now. and then we will need polar cities, aka LOVELOCK RETREATS. see info here:


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Jordan 1

And scientists concerned about climate change believe it will cause more drought in many areas in the future.

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I just love the theme and the detail you went to. Everything was so well coordinated and looked so aestehtically pleasing to the eye. Such fun for a two year old.

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